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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mozilla Firefox 3.0 

Released much earlier than expected, Firefox 3 has been given good critics and it may have already became the top browser as of today. I am already using the new version and the new interface has really distinguished itself from the previous versions. Personally, I have been an user of Firefox for the past 2 years and I am really impressed by its improvement after every upgrade in version. I believe Firefox 3 will not disappoint me after reading through some of the reviews.

For more information and download, visit here.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Singapore Toy and Comic Convention 

Just by the title itself would be attractive enough. Yes, this is the first ever convention to be held in Singapore from 27 Jun 08 to 29 Jun 08 at Suntec Convention Hall 603. The 3-day event will feature a wide range of comics, toys, animation, gaming and even cosplay. Check out here for more information.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rising of the New Age - 3.5G Era 

As the crowd are awaiting for the new 3G iPhone to be launched in Singapore, many are eying at other variants. Just announced this week, Nokia and Samsung have prodly presented their E71, E66 and i900 (Omnia) respectively. The Omnia is especially almost like an iPhone clone just that it is slightly a bit thicker. Nokia new E-series have a bolder design in terms of size despite that both providing new generation function such as HSDPA and Wi-Fi. Of course, all the phones mentioned here are all built-in with high resolution camera. I would hope that there would be a non-camera version for all the models, soon.

Price is still unknown right now but Singtel did release a price tag of <$300SGD for the 3G iPhone. So check it out again in a couple of months time!!

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

New "Street Directory" (Singapore Expats) 

As the dispute still on-going, life still carries on without the online street directory as can.com.sg was providing sufficiently user-friendly map interface for the online users. However, recently, the original can.com.sg has became mylifestyle.com. The map is no longer the usual map that we suppose to see. Slow loading, no bus-stop label have made things rather difficult for us online user.

Fortunate enough, there is still one online map provider that giving us user-friendly interface with great detail. Check out for yourself at Singapore Maps! Extremely fast and you will definitely find your intended place almost immediately with its simple and swift search function. It will be perfect if the map can zoom in for another level.


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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

忘了 - 輕鬆玩樂團 

演唱:輕鬆玩樂團 作詞:Summer Hsu、陳偉 作曲:Summer Hsu

地板是黃的 窗戶生鏽著
心情有點微涼 是秋天來了
天花板上的老鼠 還在唱著

愛是不能夠期待什麼 我怎麼又忘了
也只有伴隨著寂寞和痛 一點的快樂
愛是不能夠要求太多 我怎麼還是忘了
想愛你的時候為自己 讓眼淚 不停的泛流

空氣凍結著 枯葉又落了
你說過的話 從指縫間溜過
以為我能夠 一直唱著
怎麼這雨季 他又來了

愛是不能夠期待什麼 我怎麼又忘了
也只有伴隨著寂寞和痛 一點的快樂
愛是不能夠要求太多 我怎麼還是忘了
想愛你的時候為自己 讓眼淚 痛快 的泛流
才懂 (我才懂)

愛是不能夠 我怎麼忘了
愛是不能夠 我還是忘了
我怎麼忘了 我忘了 我忘了…...

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Monday, June 02, 2008

Singapore gets to watch UEFA EURO 2008 for FREE 

Yes, Singapore requires to pay to watch soccer matches. Fortunate enough, Singapore soccer lover and non-soccer fans are going to look forward to the UEFA EURO 2008. This is because Starhub has announced today that it is offering 4 important 'LIVE' matches for free to all Singapore viewers, regardless if the viewer is a Starhub subscriber.

I felt excited too though I may not be a great soccer fans. I did not subscribed for the "STARHUB UEFA EURO 2008 Season Pass" so I will make sure I get to watch the free matches.

- Opening match on 8 Jun 08 (Sunday) 0000hrs (Switzerland vs Czech Republic)
- Semi Final 1 on 26 Jun 08 (Thurday) 0245hrs
- Semi Final 2 on 27 Jun 08 (Friday) 0245hrs
- Final on 30 Jun 08 (Monday) 0245hrs

Watch out for the every-4-year-once soccer match!!!

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Monday, May 19, 2008

SFI Affilate Centre 

Get Paid to Drive!!!

Select one of the four SFI's best, most profitable programs. Choose the program you like best and the system will automatically customize your SFI Affiliate Centre pages to spotlight the specific training, resources, and marketing tools related to your chosen focus.

Click here to find out more!!

By the way, I am trying out the program too...


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Sunday, May 18, 2008


An online game portal that will sure make you addictive. Play with strangers and no requirement to shuffle tiles, you will sure love the Wahjong game which features the typical way of playing mahjong. You will also enjoy Big2.5 if you are a hard core dai-dee player. I myself have been spending my free time at this online gaming network. Try it and you will not be regretted as you are not playing alone! Visit Viwawa today!


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Friday, May 16, 2008


Earn money while you read your mail! Sign up now at EmailCashPro. It's free!


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Thursday, May 15, 2008

The PC Show 2008 

The upcoming PC Show (annually) will be held at Suntec City from 12 Jun 08 to 15 Jun 08. Stay tune for more updates!

I guess there will be complains once again on the space in Suntec City.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

i-mate Ultimate 8502 

Received pretty good review and relatively high rating. Check out this cool phone specification and comment at GSMArena.com


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Earning Opportunity 

If you have been actively blogging, I am sure that you may have already look into the earning opportunity while blogging. Google Adsense and AdBrite are the 2 famous international advertisement networks. Of course, there are also newly setup companies in Asia like Advertlets and Nuffnang. I am still testing on such opportunity though as you could see Zyaynation is a brand new blog space to share latest technology on mobile phones and software in the most simplified form. I may add in more under the earning opportunity while I am exploring.....

May want to look into forum as another alternative...


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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Eyeing for non-camera phone 

Having already one line contract due, I have yet to find a good new non-camera phone. Though Blackberry 8820 met most of the universal specification (of course without camera), it has gradually becoming outdated even it was only released around July last year! Blackberry 8830 has became the next option since it has upgraded from the same series from 2.5G to 3.5G. However, I could yet to find this model selling locally with line contract.

I saw i-mate Ultimate 8502 the last time and I thought this will be the most perfect phone, judging from the specification and look. Just too bad it comes with a built-in camera.

Latest Blackberry Bold, defeating the well-known Apple I-Phone, also looks appealing but too bad it does not come with a non-camera verison as of now. This bring me back to Nokia E51. Somehow, Nokia has released Nokia E51 non-camera version and it is selling locally. I may eventually upgrade my E61 to E51 soon but of course will hope for a better phone to be released within these few months.

I am going to take advantage of the number full portability, to be implemented in 13 Jun 08, to switch from Starhub to Singtel. I am already holding on to 2 Singtel lines and a Singnet broadband, so it will be worthwhile to switch my Starhub line over, still considering though. May look into Singtel mobile broadband too.


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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Windows XP SP3 Available for Download 

After the long wait, Windows XP Service Pack 3 is finally available for download. Click here for more details and download.


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Zyaynation Updates 

Zyaynation is back with more exciting updates!!! Watch out for this space!!!

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Vapour has condensed 

After vapourised for so long, I have finally condensed back here... Haha...

Almost one year already, ever since I last updated this space.. For sure, no one will get to know this deserted already...

After so long, I really have many many things to ponder about... Too many things happened for the past one year... And I really could not believe that I have actually gotten over every obstacle that I have met... Think about it, it has been adventurous and dramatic though...

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

February First Post 

After quite some time, finally a new post in the new month.

Somehow I always have problem to pen down the events that have taken place. Many things flashed in my mind before I logged in to this blog. But my fingers will not type whenever I come to this space. Maybe is just my problem; describing in words has always been a challenge for me.

Once again, life still goes on. I make sure I am always 24/7 ready to be activated, be it operationally or administratively. That's should be the mindset when working in SAF, i suppose. Sorry no details as I do not want my photos to be published in news and papers. :P

Has been driving for a month. Yes, I have gotten used to it. Parking is no longer an issue however I should try on parallel parking when chance comes. But sad thing is that there is already a minor scratch on the left door. Haiz...

Going to be another lonely Valentine's day. Any volunteer want to have candlelight dinner with me on that day so that I would not have consecutive 4 years of loneliness? Nah, just joking. But if anyone of you wanna date me, please do not hesitate. I will try to make myself free even I am tied up with work. hahaha...

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Friday, January 19, 2007

One week of driving 

Somehow I just feel that I have been driving for quite a long time... Maybe once you got your license, no matter how long you have not drive, you will just get used to it very easily...

I realised that I have many bad driving habits of which some were spotted by my friends when they were my vehicle commanders... :P I will try my best to kick those bad habit away else my car will need to be sent for servicing very often...

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Feeling the stress 

Exactly 1 month has passed since I started work... No doubt I get to learn tonnes of new things but somehow it is still not enough... I have yet to develop confidence to make decision... This is mainly due to the fact that I still do not know my company well enough... I really have to understand up to the very little detail on every issue within the company...

I must not lost focus... Management of the company is my primary job... However I have to manage myself too... Very often, time and people will hinder me from moving on...

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Muscles slacking down 

Do not ever think that one who is working in the Army is damn fit... Seriously there are times when work can pile up so high that there is no time for you to exercise your body... Time management is very crucial here to maintain both work and physical condition...

Just realised that my muscles are slacking down... Gonna visit the NIE gym after my work starting next week when I got my car... Hope to do this regularly to maintain my weight and fitness... May get to visit some of you guys and gals who are in NTU...

Surf & sweat '07 coming up... Still considering if I could join in this year or not... Anyone interested can try jioing me...

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Getting my car next week!!! 

Made my final payment of upfront balance for my Toyota Vios (manual, black, OPC) today... Total cost of $29,861 (COE inclusive)... Will be collecting my car by next week (15th or 16th Jan 2007)...

Getting excited over it and I well believed that my family is also happy to have a new car before the Chinese New Year... One thing to worry is that I have not drove a car since I got my driving license about 3 years ago... So anyone wanna a free ride??? haha

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Full focus on my career 

Started work for almost 1 month, adapting well... This is really a very challenging job for me but it is also providing me sufficient room to perform... I guess I gonna put in my maximum effort in my job... So will continue to be a long-term bachelor... :P

Getting my new car and my promotion this month... Also my first pay very soon... Really looking forward to all these... These will act as a motivation for me to move on despite the tough commitments ahead...

Life just goes on as time ticks away... Din really spend my holidays well... Think I have to spice up my life more else there will be nothing much for me to update here...

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Brand new beginning for the brand new year 

A brand new appearance for my blog has just published today!!! I guess this is the only way to keep my software knowledge for a longer time since I have stepped into the workforce... I hope that I will get to update this page as frequent as possible to keep my IT brain working while I am on job... Of course not forgetting to update a little bit of myself on & off...

All graphics design are done using Adobe Photoshop CS2 and HTML is purely done via notepad editing... Gonna add in more ingredients if time permits... In all, the page will take black and white as main colours... Hope to put up more fancy and attractive images when I get to master Photoshop...

This is part of my new year resolution to keep my life going in the virtual world... Hope that you have take up your interest as part of your resolution too!!!

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